The Goats



Bock means goat in certain German dialects and goat references give bock beer its name. As a result, goats play a prominent role in Bockfest™ themes. The parade is lead by a goat pulling the ceremonial first keg of bock beer. For the past four years, the lead goat has been Schnitzel. Schnitzel is also featured in the Bockfest™ TV commercials. When not serving as a local celebrity, Schnitzel resides at Sunrock Farm in Northern Kentucky.




The Goat

The “Trojan Goat” familiar to Bockfest™ goers was built by master-craftsmen and member of the “Dancing Pigs,” Keith Baker, with the help of some talented and dedicated friends. It was originally built to serve as the Barrel Housing Brewing Company’s parade float but has transcended this purpose to become the unofficial mascot of Bockfest™. The Trojan Goat currently spends the off-season at the Christian Moerlein Brewery, where it is often accused of eating things that disappear.