4th Annual Bockfest 5K

5kYou’ll run for beer? Then we have the perfect event for you! The Fourth Annual Bockfest 5K happens Saturday morning at 10A, March 5, right in the middle of Bockfest Weekend! Run (or walk) past many of the historic brewery sites throughout OTR, then celebrate your finish with a cold one at Bockfest Hall as the Bockfest party gets started early with food, music and lots of fun!

Proceeds support the Brewery District and the Cincinnati Brewing Heritage Trail!

Remember, the Bockfest 5K is part of the Christian Moerlein Beer Series, so if you want to be a Brew Hog, you need to do all three events (Bockfest 5K, Little Kings Mile, Hudepohl 14K or 7K). Get your series started at the Bockfest 5K! Sign up today at www.runbeerseries.com.

Please note the special shuttle Saturday morning. Regular shuttles will begin running after 11AM.